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After 17 years in college campus ministry, it became time for me to try something new.  My excitement for planning future vacations combined with a desire to help others and became a perfect catalyst for starting my own travel business!  

I can now also say that this small business survived the pandemic and is stronger than ever!


I love to truly get to know the clients I work with in order to create THEIR best vacation.  


Why Use a Travel Consultant?

Busy brides and grooms and busy families all have one thing in common!  They want that perfect vacation, but don't want to take the countless hours sifting through online reviews and information.  


That's where I come in.  You will be relieved knowing that you have a professional on your side.  You will avoid the time-consuming drudgery of sifting through online reviews, trying to distinguish between the online portrayal and what it's really like.  I've been to many of the destinations and have done site inspections or stayed there myself.  I continue to stay up to date for my client's sake.  I also keep up do date with the ever-changing health and safety protocols of every destination.   You get my expertise and hard work AND someone who is looking out for your best interest and who TRULY CARES!  You get ME looking out for you before your trip, while you travel, and when you return home.  We've all seen the nightmare of cancelled and changed plans over the past several years.  Those online discounters who shall remain nameless did not lobby for their clients' best interest during those years.  We did, and continue to go to bat for our clients every single day.   (Many times, we have access to the same pricing those "discounters" do as well!)  That's the difference of using a travel consultant!  


About Me

I'm a graduate of the Disney College of Knowledge and keep abreast of all Disney products. 

As a Certified Sandals and Beaches Specialist, I look forward to helping you plan your perfect honeymoon, destination wedding, or vacation to the Caribbean.


I'm ready to help with any vacation plans, wherever they may be!  Let me take the stress out of planning and help you enjoy the FUN of experiencing the destination you've dreamt of!


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